Learn more about nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet. Interesting facts and advice relating to how nutrients in foods affect the body.

  1. Make dining with dietary needs easier

    When you need to cut certain foods from your diet, keeping meals both interesting and nutritious can often be tricky. At Oakhouse, we’ve made it easy for you to enjoy the foods you want and need . We offer a huge range of meals that cater for different dietary needs, from gluten free to low sugar. We cater for 22 special diet’s. So, you won’t need to sacrifice great taste for great health. Gluten free For most, gluten can be eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet. But 1 in 100 people in the UK suffer from a condition called Coeliac disease, caused by a severe reaction to gluten. This dietary protein is found in a lot of household products, such as pasta, bread and cereal. But sometimes it’s added to foods you might not expect, like some sauces and ready meals. If you suffer from coeliac disease, it can be tricky to find enough suitable meals, and you can get stuck eating the same dishes day in, day out.
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  2. A taste of sunshine - the secrets of a Mediterranean diet

    Summer's finally here and we’re dreaming of sparkling blue seas, olive groves and a table set with delicious Mediterranean food. Renowned as one of the healthiest diets in the world, there couldn’t be a better time to give it a try. From juicy, sun ripened tomatoes and salad drizzled in olive oil to succulent seafood, traditional dishes enjoyed in southern France, Spain, Italy and Greece are full of the nutrients needed for healthy ageing. In fact, people who follow a Mediterranean diet tend to have a lower risk of developing age-related health problems including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.
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  3. Spice up your menu - and get healthy too

    A warming curry can hit the spot whatever the weather, but there’s another great reason to try something with a little spice. From soothing joint pain to easing indigestion, we look at the surprising health benefits thought to be behind some of our favourite spices. They are the secret behind some of our most popular ready meals, from curries and Mediterranean classics to warming desserts. But far from simply adding mouth-watering flavours, these small yet powerful seasonings are believed to be good for us, too.
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  4. Young at heart: anti-ageing ingredients

    For many of us, healthy eating is about keeping our bodies strong and feeling good – especially as we age. What’s more, enjoying a balanced diet can actually help us look and feel younger, too. Whether by giving us the energy we need to get out and about, or by keeping our skin in tip-top condition, a healthy diet packed full of nutrient-rich ingredients can help keep us young – inside and out. Even making small changes to your day-to-day diet can give your health and energy levels a boost, and help take care of your appearance.
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  5. Why Is It Important To Eat Breakfast?

    Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. However, it’s the meal we are most likely to skip... Breakfast breaks your overnight fast. Hence it’s really important to have a good breakfast as this kick starts your metabolism, warms you up, boosts your concentration, increases energy levels and maintains steady blood sugar. Breakfast can also expand the range of nutrients in your diet and help you reach your 5-a-day.
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  6. Winter Specials Range

    During winter it is often more difficult to get out and about due to poor weather – it’s colder and can often bring ice, snow and even floods. A hot meal and a hot drink helps to keep you warm especially over the colder months. Age UK recommends you have at least one hot meal each day. At Oakhouse Foods, we provide a full range of meals and groceries that can be delivered straight to your door by our friendly delivery drivers, making this difficult time of year easier and saving you time.
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  7. Eating For Overall Good Health

    Eating well for good health and staying fit are important no matter what your age. Eating well means you’re more likely to feel healthier, stay active for longer and protect yourself against illness. It’s never too late to start eating healthily, and a healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. It also doesn’t mean going without your favourite treats, although it may mean eating them less often or in smaller portions. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down, so you need fewer calories than before. Your body also needs more of certain nutrients. That means it’s more important than ever to choose foods that give you the best nutritional value. Oakhouse Foods insist on wholesome ingredients and because all our dishes are freshly frozen they are full of goodness, so you can eat our meals with confidence.
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  8. 10 health reasons chocolate is good for you

    Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, stress-reliever and aphrodisiac – here are 10 fabulous reasons why tucking into your favourite treat this Easter could be good for you after all. It’s rich in minerals Dark chocolate is high in beneficial minerals like potassium, zinc and selenium, and a 100g bar of dark chocolate (70 per cent or more) provides 67 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily intake of iron. Cough relief One study showed that chocolate helped to relieve coughs almost as well as codeine – and with none of the side effects.
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  9. Put a spring in your step: 8 superfoods for spring

    You are what you eat, so the saying goes – so what are the best foods to keep you in tip-top condition and raring to go? We’ve rounded up some star ingredients that are sure to give you an all-round health boost this spring. Walnuts – good for mood Delicious in puddings and savoury dishes, walnuts are rich in the amino acid your body needs to create the feel-good chemical serotonin. And because they're digested slowly they can contribute to mood stability and can help you tolerate stress too. Why not try… Nut & Mushroom Roast Asparagus – good for mood Asparagus spears are a great source of folate, a B vitamin that could help keep your spirits up - folate is important for our dopamine and serotonin levels, which are crucial for mood. Why not try… Shanghai Beef
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  10. Meat Free Monday and beyond...

    If you've thought about trying a diet with less meat there are plenty of benefits to going vegetarian or even just cutting out meat one day a week. Meat Free Mondays are a great way to incorporate vegetarian meals into your diet and make a difference to your health and to the environment. Health benefits There are many health benefits to eating less meat including having a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol and eat less saturated fat than those who eat meat every day and following a more plant based diet often makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Because of these health benefits, vegetarians and vegans also live longer on average than those who eat meat every day. Watching the pennies Eating veggie can be kinder to your pockets with lentils, pulses, fruit and veg often cheaper than buying meat. And there are plenty of tasty meat substitute products available these days, making it easier than ever to enjoy meat-free versions of your favourite meals.
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