When you need to cut certain foods from your diet, keeping meals both interesting and nutritious can often be tricky. At Oakhouse, we’ve made it easy for you to enjoy the foods you want and need . We offer a huge range of meals that cater for different dietary needs, from gluten free to low sugar. We cater for 22 special diet’s. So, you won’t need to sacrifice great taste for great health. Keema Pie

Gluten free

For most, gluten can be eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet. But 1 in 100 people in the UK suffer from a condition called Coeliac disease, caused by a severe reaction to gluten. This dietary protein is found in a lot of household products, such as pasta, bread and cereal. But sometimes it’s added to foods you might not expect, like some sauces and ready meals. If you suffer from coeliac disease, it can be tricky to find enough suitable meals, and you can get stuck eating the same dishes day in, day out. At Oakhouse, we have a huge variety of delicious gluten-free meals, from rich mini lamb and beef Keema pie to woodland chicken. You can view our full range of gluten free meals. You can even order our Gluten Free Easy Order Pack, and get seven days’ worth of meals and desserts. And each one has been carefully prepared to be 100% gluten free – so you can take any worry out of mealtimes.

Low sugar, low fat and low calorie

Most of us are guilty of having a little too much sugar in our diets. But whether it’s stirred into our tea or baked into our cakes, it’s important to keep a close eye on our sugar intake – especially if you suffer from diabetes. Luckily, we have a huge variety of low sugar ready meals that contain less than 5g per 100g sugar, which we clearly mark with the LS symbol. With indulgent dishes like spaghetti carbonara, fish and chips and luxury roast dinners, cutting down won’t feel like missing out. And what’s more, the meals in our Low Calorie & Low Fat Easy Order Packs contain less sugar, too. Giving you an even wider selection of tempting, yet healthy meals – and not a salad in sight. Wild Mushrrom & Butternut Risotto


Cutting out or eating less meat can be a great way to consume less fat and more veg. But without this source of protein, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and nutrients to help maintain a balanced diet. Our Vegetarian Easy Order Pack is crammed full of healthy meat-free meals and desserts, including a wild mushroom and butternut squash risotto and vegetable lasagne. This pack offers a number of meat substitutes that make sure you don’t lose out on the important stuff.


Whether you’re allergic to dairy or intolerant, removing it from your diet can be a hassle. But there are still plenty of meals in our range that are dairy-free but flavour-full. Think – warming chicken casseroles, hearty lamb hotpots and aromatic sweet and sour chicken. With our Dairy Free 7 Easy Order Day Pack, dropping dairy doesn’t have to mean dropping the flavour.


We have a selection of products that are 100% nut free, from jacket potatoes and garlic bread to fruit and vegetables. Pureed

Puréed meal range and dysphagia

We also provide meals which are suitable for people who develop swallowing difficulties for a whole host of reasons, including recovery from surgery or a stroke, or experience it as a side effect of dementia or treatment for mouth and throat cancers. Wholesome food is so important for wellbeing, particularly during an illness, and we offer a range of puréed dishes to help bring enjoyment back to mealtimes. We have a selection of over 30 texture-modified, reshaped meals and desserts suitable for anyone following a Category C diet. They include many of our best selling recipes, such as Chicken Casserole and Beef Stew & Dumplings. The range includes a choice of puréed Mini Meals, which are ideal for building up the appetite again if you find eating difficult. All the meals in our puréed range are carefully prepared to ensure they have a smooth, consistent texture, before being reshaped to make them more appetising. This means the meals keep their shape when cooked, but can be easily broken down with a spoon, making eating simpler and more dignified.

Dietary Tool

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve got a handy online dietary tool to help you find and choose meals that suit your specific needs. Simply tick the boxes that apply to you, and discover our wide range of delicious, carefully-prepared meals. You can read more about our range of foods suitable for special diets on our website If you’d like to find out more about allergies and intolerances, take a look at the NHS website. Or to talk to us about our food suitable for special diets just give us a call on 03333706700.