Oakhouse Foods have over twenty years experience developing and honing ready meals. Whether you enjoy cooking, or simply prefer the cooking of others, we'll share tips, advice and interesting information to help explain what makes food taste do good.

  1. Tasty Low Salt Diets Made Easy

    Too much salt in our diet may increase our blood pressure and having high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease. Like with most things, moderation is key. When shopping for food, there are certain steps you can take to ensure a balanced diet and to cut down your salt intake: 1. Ke
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  2. National Curry Week

    Curry, curry, curry - it's one of those pick me up dinners when you fancy something satisfying and full of flavour. Although curries may not have originated from the UK, they have certainly become a huge part of our culture. Perhaps we wouldn't have had the 'flavour experience' of different cultural food including curry we do now if it wasn't for the Great British Empire spanning from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. Maybe we wouldn't of had the vast range of consumable diversity that we take for granted today!
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  3. Microwave myths and frozen food falsehoods: Ready meals explained

    Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of the latest healthy eating trends. Microwave meals and frozen food are two topics that get raised time and time again, often with a lot of incorrect information. We’ve pulled together the six most common statements we hear about microwave and frozen food and the truth behind them. 1. Frozen Food is Less Healthy Than Fresh or Tinned Food. True or False? False: Freezing is a modern and safe way of preserving, keeping the flavour and the freshness of vegetables whilst retaining nutrients. Freezing is a natural preservation process that doesn’t need chemicals. Some scientific studies have shown that frozen food can contain more nutrients than the food you buy fresh. This is because fresh vegetables might have been harvested days before arriving in the supermarket and then stood for a few more days on the shelf before being purchased and then sat in a fridge at home before being cooked.
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  4. In the Oakhouse kitchen...

    At Oakhouse we’re all about using traditional ingredients and classic recipes to create great food that really hits the spot. Award winning development chef Wayne Harris has been creating delicious dishes for the Oakhouse range for over 5 years and we spoke to him about the inspiration behind some of our all-time favourites. A lifelong passion “My love of cooking began at home when I was around 13 or 14 and I used to bake in my mum’s kitchen making classic puddings like Lemon Meringue Pie. I finally became a professional chef after completing my training in Salisbury and have been lucky enough to win several awards over the years doing what I love.
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  5. Staying safe in the kitchen

    Following Food Safety Week we’re helping spread the message about how to cut the chance of getting food poisoning. By following a few simple tips, you can make sure the food you prepare is always safe to eat. Foodborne illnesses aren’t pleasant for anyone. But they pose a bigger risk in later life, as our immune systems weaken with age meaning it can take longer to recover. To reduce your chances of getting ill, you should always follow these simple tips:
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  6. Asparagus Season!

    Asparagus: A perennial, asparagus are spear-like shoots that come in three main varieties: green, the most common; white, for which the green variety is field blanched; and purple, an extra sweet and tender variety that turns green when cooked. Whilst imported asparagus can be found on supermarket shelves year-round, it’s the native crop that really gets us excited, and British asparagus's short-lived season, spanning just six to eight weeks, makes it the most eagerly awaited springtime food. However, after an unusually wet March and cool April it means that this year there is even more of a demand!
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