Consuming a wide variety of foods and not just sticking to one type means you get to enjoy the best of everything. Variety is important because different foods consist of different nutrients which all add benefits to our health in their own way (even your favourite sweet treat). They also reduce the risk associated with malnutrition, which happens when we don’t get the right amount of nutrients from our diet. So the answer is, to mix up your meals and be a little bit adventurous when it comes to dinner time! That’s one of the great reasons why Oakhouse Foods offers over 350 different dishes - to tempt you into trying something new and different. ​

What’s the best way to maintain a variety in your diet, that is time efficient, low cost and hassle free? 

You could try swapping your favourite chicken dish for a delicious fish or vegetarian option? At Oakhouse Foods, we offer a range of over 350 dishes that include Chicken, Beef, Pork Lamb, Fish and Vegetarian options along with lots of tasty treats, meaning there is plenty to choose from to enable you to have a varied diet, that is delicious and hassle free too! What’s even better is that our meals come in recyclable trays across main and mini portion sizes so there is no room for waste – even better for the planet. ​

If you would like to know more about our meals then please visit our website at, alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone from our Customer Care Team, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0333 370 6700.​​