Too much salt in our diet may increase our blood pressure and having high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease. Like with most things, moderation is key. When shopping for food, there are certain steps you can take to ensure a balanced diet and to cut down your salt intake:


1. Keep an eye out for our low salt dietary symbol when doing your weekly shop.

Why not include some of our tasty low salt dishes as part of your order? You will see on all our products across the website, brochure and packaging that products which are low in salt are clearly marked with an 'S' symbol to highlight that they contain a low amount of salt (0.3g per 100g or less).


2. Cured meats and fish can be high in salt, so try to eat these less often.

Why not have a look at our Minced Beef Pie or Lamb Stew as a tasty low salt alternative?


3. Try and opt for tomato-based sauces

Tomato-based sauces are often lower in salt than cheesy sauces or those containing olives, bacon or ham. Our Chilli Con Carne or Mini Vegetable Lasagne are two of many great low salt options that are made with a delicious tomato sauce.


4. For healthier snacks, choose fruit or vegetables such as carrots or celery sticks.


5. Reduce or replace the use of high salt containing condiments such as mustard, pickles, mayonnaise and other table sauces, as these can all be high in salt.


6. Taste your food before you season it.


7. Keep salt away from the table and kitchen counters. If it’s not within reach, you’re less likely to put it on your food. 


8. Try switching salt for pepper, herbs, spices and lemon or lime when seasoning.


Another way of easily managing your low salt diet is through our great range of low salt dishes. These will be brought to you directly by your local delivery driver. Why not have a look at our 5 most popular tasty low salt meals. We have also listed the most popular low salt dishes from our mini meals range which are perfect for those with a smaller appetite.


Top 5 Best Selling Tast Low Salt Main Dishes For You To Try



Top 5 Best Selling Low Salt Mini Dishes For you To Try