Oakhouse Foods, in association with RSL (one of the UK’s leading vending suppliers), are proud to present our new 24/7 hot meals solution: the SubZero, delivering the delicious taste of Oakhouse meals, anytime, anywhere.

If you are looking to provide staff and visitors with easy access to nutritious, hot meals, without the costs of running an all-day kitchen on-site, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

How are the machines restocked?

The machines are automatically restocked by one of our friendly, local delivery drivers. Whenever stock falls below a certain level, the machine will notify our local delivery team, so that we can come and refill it with more delicious meals.

Is there a difference in quality between your regular meals and those used in the vending machine?

None whatsoever. The meals used in the uniquely branded Oakhouse Foods machines are the same high-quality recipes that our customers have come to know and love.

Where can I find allergen information for a specific meal?

All allergen information is displayed when browsing the meals. Simply select the meal that you are interested in, and all the information will be listed there.

Do I need to follow any cooking instructions?

No. Thanks to RSL’s innovative microwave solution, all you need to do is scan the barcode, place the meal inside, and we’ll do the rest! All our meals have undergone extensive testing to determine the best cooking times.


Are you struggling to make cost-effective provisions for 24/7 food service? Then look no further! This is a perfect solution for staff who are working when kitchens are closed or patients who are looking for a hot meal.

Together with RSL, we will provide staff, patients, and visitors with 24-hour access to high-quality, nutritious Oakhouse meals.

And because the system is entirely managed by us, you won’t have to worry about staffing or other additional resources, as you would with traditional catering services. We will automatically restock the machines, as and when needed.


Do you have on-site hot food catering services? If the kitchens are closed, do guests and visitors have alternatives for a hot meal? What about staff members?

The SubZero aims to solve that with 24-hour access to a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes, ready in just minutes.

So, no more venturing out in search of a hot meal after a long day – now, they can simply enjoy great food at the push of a button.


Are you responsible for a facility open 24/7? Do you struggle to provide staff with cost-effective, nutritious meals, around the clock?

Many companies find that it isn’t commercially viable to open kitchens on-site and will often resort to unhealthy and expensive takeout alternatives. Some staff may even skip meals altogether, impacting their performance.

By providing all-day access to a wide assortment of high-quality meals, the SubZero will eliminate those costs, and ensure that staff are kept well-nourished and performing to the best of their ability.