Delicious food choices are often at the forefront of our minds whilst we sit and plan what our next meal is going to be. A growing number of us are starting to realise the importance of sustainable eating, without forgetting taste, good value for money and convenience also being at the top of the priority list when choosing the right meal.   

So how do we eat more sustainably without sacrificing on the good stuff?  

Eat more veggies, beans and nuts

You can add more flavour to your diet by eating more plant-based foods. From delicious salads and vegetable-based stews, to tagines, pasta and rice dishes, there is so much variety to be enjoyed from natural, flavoursome ingredients.  

Eat a variety of food  

We are all a little bit guilty of buying the same thing because we know we like it and it tastes good. Many people rely on the same dishes and the same core ingredients. By adding more colour to your plate, will ensure you have a more nutritious, flavoursome and exciting meal.  

Waste less food 

When we throw away food, we are throwing away natural resources and money. The average household wastes around 30% of the food it buys – that’s like taking £100 out of the bank and putting it straight in the bin! So we think it is best to stick to the perfect portion size for you.

Cooking in the microwave not only saves cash but carbon too  

Microwaves are not just efficient at reheating; they are also good for cooking a wide range of foods, including vegetables and fish. Around 60 percent of the environmental impact of a baked potato comes from cooking it in an oven. So why not ping your spud in a microwave instead! 

Eat a variety of meat in moderation 

Taking into account both red and white meat, chicken is the most popular meat eaten today, with most of us eating it every day. Eating less chicken, does not mean we will go without protein, as you can get a good source of protein from many plant-based foods, it is just good for both us and the planet to expand our horizons and try new foods. 

Eat few foods high in fat, salt and sugar 

Everything in moderation is key, together with common sense and will help us to tackle our climate crisis. 

So what’s next?  

It is time we all started thinking about the food choices we make and the impact it has on our wonderful planet.  For a better, tastier and greener future, all of our meals at Oakhouse Foods are flash frozen to ensure we can reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible when delivering delicious meals straight to your door.