As part of our responsibility to our customers, we have looked at the packaging used for our meals. Our card sleeves provide all of the information that you need for each meal and can, of course, be easily separated and recycled. 

Until recently though, plastic trays have not been able to be recycled. Our packaging must be able to withstand being frozen, and then being cooked in an oven for up to an hour immediately after this while still maintaining its integrity. As well as being safe for use with food.

Over many decades plastics were developed which met these requirements, but they were not all recyclable. However, advances have been made both in plastics and the systems used in recycling centres and this has meant that much food packaging is now able to be recycled.  

Our suppliers have moved to recyclable packaging, and we are beginning to highlight this on our product packaging. We are members of the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, which we feel offers the clearest indication of recyclability to our customers and we are beginning to introduce this on products throughout our range. You’ll see these symbols on new products and we will be adding them to existing products

on-pack recycling labelling for Oakhouse foods