Food, Nutrition and Healthy Eating from Oakhouse Foods.

  • Spice up your menu - and get healthy too

    A warming curry can hit the spot whatever the weather, but there’s another great reason to try something with a little spice. From soothing joint pain to easing indigestion, we look at the surprising health benefits thought to be behind some of our favourite spices.

    They are the secret behind some of our most popular ready meals, from curries and Mediterranean classics to warming desserts. But far from simply adding mouth-watering flavours, these small yet powerful seasonings are believed to be good for us, too.

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  • Young at heart: anti-ageing ingredients

    For many of us, healthy eating is about keeping our bodies strong and feeling good – especially as we age. What’s more, enjoying a balanced diet can actually help us look and feel younger, too.

    Whether by giving us the energy we need to get out and about, or by keeping our skin in tip-top condition, a healthy diet packed full of nutrient-rich ingredients can help keep us young – inside and out. Even making small changes to your day-to-day diet can give your health and energy levels a boost, and help take care of your appearance.

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  • Supporting MacMillan Cancer

    Oakhouse Foods in Scotland has donated £556 to MacMillan Cancer Support, money raised from the 5p plastic bag charge. The branch also donated over £1,220 last year from the charge.

    Branch manager Lesley Shaw made the donation after MacMillan Cancer Support was nominated by our regular customers in the area. She said, “We wanted to do something good with the extra money raised and so we asked our customers what would matter most to them. MacMillan was the charity of choice.

    “The work they do in supporting people affected by cancer and their families is just brilliant and we’re really pleased to be able to add our support.”

    The 5p charge levied on plastic bags was introduced in Scotland in 2014 in an effort to tackle environmental waste and also applies to retailers in England and Wales.

  • Why Is It Important To Eat Breakfast?

    Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. However, it’s the meal we are most likely to skip...

    Breakfast breaks your overnight fast. Hence it’s really important to have a good breakfast as this kick starts your metabolism, warms you up, boosts your concentration, increases energy levels and maintains steady blood sugar. Breakfast can also expand the range of nutrients in your diet and help you reach your 5-a-day. Continue reading

  • Winter Specials Range

    During winter it is often more difficult to get out and about due to poor weather – it’s colder and can often bring ice, snow and even floods.

    A hot meal and a hot drink helps to keep you warm especially over the colder months. Age UK recommends you have at least one hot meal each day.

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