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  • 2017 Extra Mile Award Winner!

    We know that a friendly face can make all the difference and our experienced drivers often deliver so much more than meals - many also give their time and support whenever it’s needed and it’s wonderful to hear your positive stories about these unsung heroes.

    In September, we launched this year’s Extra Mile Award. Our annual award recognises the dedication of many of our delivery drivers who go above and beyond the call of duty. We have received hundreds of nominations for our hardworking drivers across the country. We really loved hearing all the positive comments about our drivers.

    The Winner!

    From previous years’ awards, the standard has been set very high. However, there was one clear winner in 2017 who stood out from the crowd. That was Rob Finnigan, from the Kent region, who has proved himself to be one of our most hardworking and popular drivers.
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  • Serve up some comfort food this winter

    Our new range of delicious meals and desserts is finally here and it’s full of hearty recipes that are sure to warm your cockles this season.

    Classics made easy

    Comforting winter classics like casseroles and pies often take time to prepare from scratch. Thanks to our easy to cook meals, you can enjoy your favourite recipes without spending hours slaving over a hot stove. From Roast Dinners to Cottage Pie and more, we’ve got all the usual suspects and this season we’ve added some great new flavours to the menu too. Why not try our delicious Hunter’s Pie made with rich venison for a tasty traditional recipe with a twist?

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  • Spice up your menu - and get healthy too

    A warming curry can hit the spot whatever the weather, but there’s another great reason to try something with a little spice. From soothing joint pain to easing indigestion, we look at the surprising health benefits thought to be behind some of our favourite spices.

    They are the secret behind some of our most popular ready meals, from curries and Mediterranean classics to warming desserts. But far from simply adding mouth-watering flavours, these small yet powerful seasonings are believed to be good for us, too.

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  • 10 health reasons chocolate is good for you

    Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, stress-reliever and aphrodisiac – here are 10 fabulous reasons why tucking into your favourite treat this Easter could be good for you after all.

    It’s rich in minerals
    Dark chocolate is high in beneficial minerals like potassium, zinc and selenium, and a 100g bar of dark chocolate (70 per cent or more) provides 67 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily intake of iron.

    Cough relief
    One study showed that chocolate helped to relieve coughs almost as well as codeine – and with none of the side effects.
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  • Put a spring in your step: 8 superfoods for spring

    You are what you eat, so the saying goes – so what are the best foods to keep you in tip-top condition and raring to go? We’ve rounded up some star ingredients that are sure to give you an all-round health boost this spring.

    Walnuts – good for mood
    Delicious in puddings and savoury dishes, walnuts are rich in the amino acid your body needs to create the feel-good chemical serotonin. And because they're digested slowly they can contribute to mood stability and can help you tolerate stress too. Why not try… Nut & Mushroom Roast

    Asparagus – good for mood
    Asparagus spears are a great source of folate, a B vitamin that could help keep your spirits up - folate is important for our dopamine and serotonin levels, which are crucial for mood. Why not try… Shanghai Beef

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