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  1. Tasty Temptations...

    It’s a well-known fact that Farmer’s Markets are a fantastic source for fresh, seasonal, locally-produced foods, and they’re now cropping up in more places than ever! Oakhouse Foods decided to join in with the fun and appeared for the first time at the Olney Farmers Market, near Bedford.  Here was a chance to show exactly what Oa
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  2. Lunch Club

    How it works: We highlight a dish to try each month on our Facebook and Twitter pages, it’s also printed in our Summer edition of the Oakhouse Appetiser. We’ll also remind you which dish to be trying each month right here on our blog! Then all you need to do is sample the dish and si
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  3. Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

    Over the years Oakhouse have celebrated events around the UK in all sorts of ways - most recently with beautiful mugs to celebrate the wedding of William & Kate. But for the Diamond Jubilee we wanted to do something which will have more lasting impact, so we have decided to donate money to Barnardo’s, one of the UK charities of which The Queen is Patron. Barnardo’s run over 800 UK projects that transform the lives of more than 190,000 children and young people every year and they need regular donations to fund this fantastic work. So we’ve put together this Jubilee Pack, featuring a mouth-watering selection of some of our most delicious meals and desserts. For each pack sold we’ll make a donation to Barnardo’s.
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  4. The Great British Cuppa

    Tea loses its youth appeal The great British cuppa could be a dying tradition as just 4% of tea drinkers are under 25’s, according to the Independent online. The newspaper reports the findings of a survey carried out amongst the British public, which found that 8 out of 10 of us Brits rely on a cup of tea to get us through the day but that more than 50% of tea drinkers were over the age of 45. Apparently 3.5 billion cups of tea are drunk each year in the workplace too but at Oakhouse Foods we think there’s nothing better than a good cuppa so we won’t be giving ours up any time soon!
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