When we started Oakhouse Foods, nearly 20 years ago, the reputation for ready meals in the UK was terrible. Since then we have been one of a small group of retailers championing quality ready meals and, as a result, customers have bought in increasing numbers. Indeed, it has been one of the most successful sectors of the British food industry over the past decade. But now, as some supermarkets have forced down the price of products to absurdly cheap levels, it was only a matter of time before ingredient quality was badly affected. Whilst the recent horsemeat scandal appears to have been caused by the fraudulent activity of a few criminals, it has exposed a lack of care in some sectors of the industry, and hugely damaged the hard won reputation of the ready meals market. All our beef products have been DNA tested and the results confirm that there are no traces whatsoever of horsemeat. All Oakhouse meals are hand-made in Britain and we are very proud of the high standards that we set – we know we aren’t the cheapest, but it turns out there is a good reason for this. So please rest assured, you can trust Oakhouse Foods to continue to provide premium quality meals and desserts, sensibly priced and delivered direct to the door. Kind regards, Tony Blood & Steve Rawlinson Founders and owners of Oakhouse Foods