It’s Coeliac UK’s Gut Feeling Awareness Week  and the perfect time to try the fantastic choice of gluten free dishes on offer at Oakhouse.  It’s not always easy to find interesting and varied food if you’re watching what you eat but here at Oakhouse Foods we believe great tasting food should be for everyone. That’s why you’ll find 60 delicious meals and over 20 desserts in our range that are free from gluten so you can enjoy making real choices about the food you eat. For this week only we're offering £5 off our Goodbye Gluten Pack - why not try it today for a taster of the range? Coeliac UK's Gut Feeling Awareness Week takes place from 13th - 19th May and is focusing on improving rates of diagnosis - if you think you may have Coeliac Disease or you'd like to get involved with raising awareness you can find out more on the Coeliac UK website.