Tea loses its youth appeal The great British cuppa could be a dying tradition as just 4% of tea drinkers are under 25’s, according to the Independent online. The newspaper reports the findings of a survey carried out amongst the British public, which found that 8 out of 10 of us Brits rely on a cup of tea to get us through the day but that more than 50% of tea drinkers were over the age of 45. Apparently 3.5 billion cups of tea are drunk each year in the workplace too but at Oakhouse Foods we think there’s nothing better than a good cuppa so we won’t be giving ours up any time soon! Save the teapot! Not only have sales of tea declined the sales of teapots are also falling, with millions of people preferring to just put a teabag in a mug. However a campaign has been launched to SAVE THE TEAPOT! Follow the campaign for civilised tea drinking on twitter #savetheteapot So why not take the time over the Easter weekend to dig out your old teapot (or why not treat yourself to a new one?!) and brew yourself a nice cuppa! Here are some top brewing tips for perfect loose leaf tea:
  • Always stick to the recommended brewing time, and make sure you remove your tea leaves from the water to prevent the tea from becoming bitter.
  • For white tea always let the kettle cool for 30 seconds, and for green tea let it cool for 60 seconds
  • In order for you to get the best flavours our of your tea leaves make sure they have space to expand, and also avoid small filters and tea-diffusers.
  • Top tip for storage - keep your tea in an airtight and non-transparent container to keep it fresh for months!