Special Diets

There are times in your life where you may need to more closely monitor the ingredients and nutritional content of food you are eating. Oakhouse Foods are proud to offer a range of meals for special diets, including gluten free, soft foods, free from dairy and many more.

  1. Discover World Vegan Month and Easy Vegan Meals at Oakhouse Foods

    Veganism is a much misunderstood lifestyle. Often seen as just a more extreme version of vegetarianism, there are a lot of misconceptions about choosing to live a life free of animal products. Read on to learn more about World Vegan Month and the delicious vegan ready meals Oakhouse Foods has to offer. World Vegan Month runs throughout November and celebrates the founding of the world’s first vegan movement, which began back in 1944. The word vegan was picked by the founder, Donald Watson, which, unsurprisingly, took inspiration from the word Vegetarian.
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  2. Fantastic ‘Made Without’ Range of Frozen Meals

     There has been a large increase in demand for meals to be made without certain ingredients to cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements due to a heightened level of awareness of allergens. However, due to the increase in demand, manufacturers and re-sellers have cottoned on to this; in turn increasing prices for the customer. Thanks to this almost unscrupulous move by the providers to wring more profit from this sector, the gross worth of this market has increased by almost £600 million in only 5 years; now worth an astonishing £806 million.
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  3. Planning a healthy diabetic diet has just got a lot easier

    Do people with diabetes need a special diet? Not according to the Food Standards Agency. New guidance is revealing that following a healthy diet is now enough to help combat the effects of diabetes. Essentially this means that all “suitable for diabetics” labelling and diabetic meal plans will be replaced with the same diet advice that applies to everyone, whether they have diabetes or not. Leading diabetes organisations say that having a balanced diet is the healthiest approach to managing the disease, and you should aim to eat a variety of food from the following groups:
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