Having a stock of easy-to-prepare, puréed ready meals can be a real help if you suffer with dysphagia. It means that you or the person preparing your meals can spend less time in the kitchen preparing food of the right consistency, and more time making sure you get the nutrients you need. Here are our top tips for eating with dysphagia: 1. Find a quiet, peaceful place to eat, making it easier to relax. 2. If a standard portion size is too daunting, serve something smaller. Or serve half of the meal at a time on a smaller plate. 3. Enjoy seeing and smelling food before eating – this helps to stimulate the appetite. 4. Allow plenty of time to eat, to avoid feeling rushed or anxious about taking too long. 5. Have a drink to hand. Thin liquids can be challenging with dysphagia, so good options include thick fruit smoothies and milkshakes, or thickened tea, coffee or juice. Tempting new dishes in our puréed range We’ve added some brand new dishes to our range of puréed, reshaped dishes. Each recipe in the range has been created with the right texture to make eating simpler and more enjoyable, and they are all suitable for a Category C diet. We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s plenty of flavour in every one too. What’s new? Standard sized portions can be daunting if you've got a smaller appetite, so we’ve added six mini meals to our puréed range. These include smaller versions of favourite dishes such as Hearty Chicken Casserole, Lamb with Mint and Macaroni Cheese. And there’s no reason not to have a treat with our new puréed desserts – why not try Lemon Sponge & Custard or classic Rice Pudding for afters? You’ll find our full range of puréed dishes here - simply take your pick and we’ll deliver them to you at home through our usual delivery service. If you’ve got any questions about our puréed dishes, or you’d like to order over the phone, give us a call on 0845 643 2009. We’re happy to help.