Do people with diabetes need a special diet? Not according to the Food Standards Agency. New guidance is revealing that following a healthy diet is now enough to help combat the effects of diabetes. Essentially this means that all “suitable for diabetics” labelling and diabetic meal plans will be replaced with the same diet advice that applies to everyone, whether they have diabetes or not. Leading diabetes organisations say that having a balanced diet is the healthiest approach to managing the disease, and you should aim to eat a variety of food from the following groups:
  • Starchy food
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, fish, eggs and pulses
As always, eating in moderation is essential. Making sensible choices is important for everyone, so instead of cutting out a certain food group, simply select the best possible food from it. For example; switch white rice for brown rice, which is low GI and will release energy slowly over a longer period, which in turn will avoid causing spikes in blood sugar. If you’re confused or need guidance on what food you’re eating, have a look at the Oakhouse Foods ready meals. Our whole range is online and there are a number of different ways to view the individual meals, depending on what your personal dietary requirements are, such as: Part of this new diet advice for diabetes is a change in the way food is labelled. Diabetes UK and the Food Standards Agency want to ensure that everyone has access to the best range of food possible, and aren’t limited in their food choices by incorrect information. Because of this we’re changing our packaging. You’ll still get the same great range of healthy ready meals delivered to your door; the recipes aren’t changing, just the symbols and wording that we use on some packaging. People with diabetes can still pick their favourite meals, while others will be introduced to a range of new foods that they previously didn’t know were suitable. At Oakhouse Foods we want to help you look forward to every meal, whether you have special dietary requirements or not. Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to cut variety or great flavours from your meals. Enjoy the same Oakhouse Foods quality that you’ve come to expect from the largest frozen food delivery range in the UK.