Veganism is a much misunderstood lifestyle. Often seen as just a more extreme version of vegetarianism, there are a lot of misconceptions about choosing to live a life free of animal products. Read on to learn more about World Vegan Month and the delicious vegan ready meals Oakhouse Foods has to offer. World Vegan Month runs throughout November and celebrates the founding of the world’s first vegan movement, which began back in 1944. The word vegan was picked by the founder, Donald Watson, which, unsurprisingly, took inspiration from the word Vegetarian. Veganism is all about cutting animals products out of your lifestyle and diet. This includes the obvious such as meat dishes, to things that wouldn’t necessarily occur to you, such as gelatine and lactose. While many people assume this leaves a bland and boring diet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As plant-based eaters, vegans are able to pick from a huge range of ingredients, which can provide all of their essential vitamins and minerals. The body can get everything it needs from eating a good variety of plant-based produce. It is important to follow this rule throughout all diets, which should include the following types of food:
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Whole grains
It’s easy to stick to a vegan diet plan with Oakhouse Foods. We have a range of delicious frozen ready meals, which are delivered direct to your door by our friendly delivery drivers. Whether you’re interested in trying a vegan diet or you’ve been committed to it for a long time, it has never been easier to get involved. From classic dishes like a Vegetable Hot Pot and Ratatouille, to something more exotic like a Vegetable Tagine with Coriander Rice, we’ve got a huge variety of dishes. Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up on exciting and flavourful food. Here are a few other examples of the delicious frozen meals you can order from Oakhouse Foods: As you can see, it’s easy to switch to a flavourful and animal product-free diet. Here’s a link to our full range of frozen vegan meals. We also have a fantastic range of vegetarian ready meals, and one of the largest meals on wheels delivery services in the UK. If you have any questions about everything from the nutritional content of our frozen meals to our Free Delivery special offer, then get in touch.