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Find out the latest about our range of meals and desserts. We regularly introduce new meals, and always looking for improvements to our recipes.

  1. Try a lighter meal in this hot weather

    Why not try a selection of our 60 Mini Meals? These offer the perfect solution if your appetite is smaller in the summer months, but you still want to enjoy our great tasting dishes and personal service. With prices from just £2.30, our Mini Meal recipes offer great value, and make preparing a deliciously light meal a
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  2. Travel the World from your Dining Table

    If you enjoy flavours and ingredients from around the world but you don’t have the time or culinary skills to create exotic dishes from scratch, don’t worry: we have developed a range of global frozen meals that will appeal to all taste buds. The great thing about our selection of ready meals is that different family members can choose exactly what they’d like on the dinner menu. So, if you have a craving for curry but someone else has been looking forward to Chinese food, no one will be disappointed – in fact, you could make it a truly global evening, with a dining table full of different dishes from around the world.
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  3. The Great British Pudding

    It’s British Pudding Day today and we’re celebrating with some of the best traditional desserts from our range (as if we needed an excuse!)We’ve got a great selection of British classics to choose from, whether you like a warming pud with custard or something a little lighter. Here’s our pick of the best… 626 Sticky Toffee
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  4. Welcome to the new Signature Collection

    Food you can really taste Customers contact us all the time on a wide variety of issues. The biggest feedback by far is customers saying how much they enjoy our food, and that it’s just like ‘home cooking’. Your feedback has encouraged our chefs to create the basis for our new ‘Signature collection’ of dishes. The concept behind the range is meals without compromise. So even though some of these food styles are quite simple, the flavours are fantastic - it’s food you can really taste.
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