Food you can really taste

Customers contact us all the time on a wide variety of issues. The biggest feedback by far is customers saying how much they enjoy our food, and that it’s just like ‘home cooking’. Your feedback has encouraged our chefs to create the basis for our new ‘Signature collection’ of dishes. The concept behind the range is meals without compromise. So even though some of these food styles are quite simple, the flavours are fantastic - it’s food you can really taste. Not only have these dishes been created with great taste in mind, also the packaging has a whole new look and feel. Each product features a unique wholesome landscape background. Subtly highlighting the quality and irresistible appeal of these delicious meals. Signature on the outside, exceptionally tasty on the inside!

6 great new dishes we’d love you to try!

834 Chicken with Roasted Vegetables & Goats Cheese Best quality chicken breast in a colourful medley of roasted vegetables, sundried tomatoes and finest chorizo, topped with slices of goats’ cheese. £4.95
837 Roasted Vegetables & Goats Cheese A delicious medley of butternut squash, mixed green and red peppers, cherry tomatoes and courgettes, topped with generous slices of goats’ cheese. £4.15
832 Luxury Cottage Pie Fine, tender British beef, slow-cooked in a rich red wine and herb sauce, topped with creamy mashed potato and sprinkled with Cheddar cheese. £4.25
835 Chicken & Roasted Vegetable Pie Succulent chicken breast pieces cooked in a full-flavoured Mediterranean sauce with butternut squash and roasted vegetables, topped with a light puff pastry lid. £3.99
833 Luxury Shepherd’s Pie Fine British lamb, tenderly slow cooked in a rich red wine and herb sauce, topped with creamy mashed potato and sprinkled with Cheddar and Parmesan cheese. £4.25
836 Smoked Haddock & Pea Risotto A luxurious blend of premium-quality flakes of smoked haddock in a creamy Arborio rice risotto. £3.75