If you enjoy flavours and ingredients from around the world but you don’t have the time or culinary skills to create exotic dishes from scratch, don’t worry: we have developed a range of global frozen meals that will appeal to all taste buds. The great thing about our selection of ready meals is that different family members can choose exactly what they’d like on the dinner menu. So, if you have a craving for curry but someone else has been looking forward to Chinese food, no one will be disappointed – in fact, you could make it a truly global evening, with a dining table full of different dishes from around the world. Our range of world food covers many different countries and cuisines, and you’ll find hot and spicy curries, and other exotic recipes that feature, poultry, fish, pork, beef or lamb as a main ingredient – as well as plenty of options for vegetarians. Britain’s favourite curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, is one of our most popular frozen meals, and with good reason. We have used medium spicing in the creamy tomato sauce and the curry is served with turmeric rice and Bombay potatoes for a complete Indian dining experience. Thai food is gaining in popularity in the UK and you’ll find both Red and Green Thai Curry on the menu at Oakhouse Foods. These classic dishes are both served with rice and are perfect for those who like a dash of chilli heat. If Chinese food is your favourite, you have plenty of choice – from Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice, to Hong Kong Chicken, and our new Beef in Black Bean Sauce. Italy is another culinary hotspot and we know how much our customers love its cuisine, which is why we’ve included a large selection of classic Italian dishes on our menu. There are various lasagne to choose from – from Beef, Beef & Wild Mushroom to the Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, which is a National Taste Test Winner. Other pasta meals include Spicy Tomato & Mozzarella Bake, and Chicken & Mascarpone Spaghetti. French bistro classics Chicken Chasseur and Cheese & Ham Omelette Meal are also available on Oakhouse Food’s ready meals menu. By choosing from our large global menu, you can indulge in favourite dishes and expand your knowledge of international cuisine. We use authentic recipes and the best ingredients so you’ll enjoy genuine flavours of the world.