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  1. Dysphagia: tips for encouraging eating

    If you’re caring for someone with dysphagia, mealtimes can be a worrying and stressful time. We share some simple tips for helping those with swallowing difficulties rediscover the pleasure of food. Try to make sure food look as appealing as possible. Food should be visually enticing, especially if you're trying to encourage someone to eat more. If it needs to be texture modified, why not try blending the different parts of the meal separately so they look more appetising.
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  2. Enjoying mealtimes with dysphagia

    Having a stock of easy-to-prepare, puréed ready meals can be a real help if you suffer with dysphagia. It means that you or the person preparing your meals can spend less time in the kitchen preparing food of the right consistency, and more time making sure you get the nutrients you need.
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