If you’re caring for someone with dysphagia, mealtimes can be a worrying and stressful time. We share some simple tips for helping those with swallowing difficulties rediscover the pleasure of food. Try to make sure food look as appealing as possible. Food should be visually enticing, especially if you're trying to encourage someone to eat more. If it needs to be texture modified, why not try blending the different parts of the meal separately so they look more appetising. Enable independent eating as much as you can – by using adapted plates or cutlery it can be much easier for people to feed themselves and at their own pace. Serve a variety of foods and try to cater for individual tastes where you can. Whether you decide to blend food yourself at home or try some pre-prepared meals to cook in the microwave, there are some great options available to help take the stress out of mealtimes for both of you. Offer tasty drinks thickened to the right consistency – smoothies can be a great option for those with dysphagia and an effective way to pack in vital vitamins and minerals. We’ve got some delicious summer smoothie recipes here. Enjoying an appetising meal can really boost a person’s quality of life and could mean the risk of malnutrition and dehydration is greatly reduced. If you’d like a little help at mealtimes, find out more about our great range of puréed meals and desserts here.