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  1. Keep warm, keep well.

    With Christmas becoming a distant memory, the fridge is less and less full of leftovers you may feel that the worst of winter is over and spring is on it's way. Whilst that indeed may be the case, January to March can be some of the coldest months Britain endures, looking back at our track history of The Beast from the East, things aren't looking too promising. Keeping warm and well fed in winter is incredibly important; the cold makes us tired and lethargic, less energised to get up and move about, let alone work away in the kitchen. This leads to malnourishment and other cold related ailments; a saddening number of people died due to avoidable causes
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  2. How to Set the Perfect Christmas Table

    Special occasions, like Christmas, are always made more special when the right decorations are in place. You happily decorate the rest of your house, so why stop at your table? Good food, great company and… a disappointing table setting. We’ve all been to dinner parties or restaurants where everything is perfect except for the table display and decorations in the room. Avoid a festive mistake with our quick guide to setting a beautiful and welcoming Christmas spread.
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  3. How to Keep Your Guests Happy this Christmas

    The festive season is upon us! With Christmas meals being planned down to the finest details, many of us are worrying about catering for our guests varying dietary requirements. If you’re worried about creating a million and one different meal plans on Christmas Day then never fear, Oakhouse Foods is here to help! The festive period is traditionally a time of year when people come together. While we all love spending time with loved ones, giving presents and sharing delicious food, sometimes it can be difficult to juggle everyone’s different dietary requirements.
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  4. Make your Christmas Healthier - Without Cutting Back!

    We all love to treat ourselves at Christmas. Friends, family and food are a potent mixture, which makes it irresistibly easy to keep reaching for your next mouthful. All of this adds up, which has led to the average UK Christmas dinner being one of the unhealthiest in the world. It can be different with Oakhouse Foods… While it’s something of an open secret, every year there’s always a new study released, detailing exactly what our indulgence adds up to. One of the most recent has totalled our festive food intake at 7,000 calories on Christmas day alone! An average person will consume the following:
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