We all love to treat ourselves at Christmas. Friends, family and food are a potent mixture, which makes it irresistibly easy to keep reaching for your next mouthful. All of this adds up, which has led to the average UK Christmas dinner being one of the unhealthiest in the world. It can be different with Oakhouse Foods… While it’s something of an open secret, every year there’s always a new study released, detailing exactly what our indulgence adds up to. One of the most recent has totalled our festive food intake at 7,000 calories on Christmas day alone! An average person will consume the following:
  • 69g of fat
  • 211g of carbohydrate
  • 42g of saturated fat
  • 30% sugar
That’s just under 3x the amount of daily calories that a man requires, and around 3.5x the amount a woman needs! This shocking amount of food is mainly down to constant snacking throughout the day and indulging in larger than average portions of rich food. At Oakhouse Foods we make our frozen ready meals as healthy as possible, with carefully controlled portions of fresh ingredients, which have been handmade by our chefs. Check out the dietary symbols next to easily see info about each dish. This way you can enjoy a delicious Christmas meal without worrying about overindulging… though  make sure you save some space for a few treats; it is the season to be jolly! We all dread that mad dash around the supermarkets At Oakhouse Foods we’ve put together a fantastic selection of Christmas food and treats, which will let you really splash out and put on a great spread this festive season. The best part is we do frozen food delivered direct to your door, along with most of your favourite brands, meaning you can skip the crowds and avoid the queues at the supermarkets. Here are a few Christmas essentials(because we can all agree that ten boxes of chocolate are an essential, yes?) to let you see what an Oakhouse Foods Christmas could look like. Snacks and treats Main Course Pudding and Dessert Sides and drinks We also offer a Festive Christmas Pack, which gives you a week’s worth of frozen food and desserts delivered by a regular driver each week, so you can focus on more important things this Christmas. Oakhouse Foods has one of the largest ranges of frozen ready meals in the UK, so you’ll be able to pick your favourite meals from us all year round. Make the most of our meals on wheels service this Christmas and get frozen meals delivered to your door.