The festive season is upon us! With Christmas meals being planned down to the finest details, many of us are worrying about catering for our guests varying dietary requirements. If you’re worried about creating a million and one different meal plans on Christmas Day then never fear, Oakhouse Foods is here to help! The festive period is traditionally a time of year when people come together. While we all love spending time with loved ones, giving presents and sharing delicious food, sometimes it can be difficult to juggle everyone’s different dietary requirements. Whether your guests have a low-salt diet or they can only eat a vegetarian main course, the Oakhouse Foods range of frozen ready meals are ready and waiting to help keep your friends, family and colleagues happy at your various Christmas parties. Plan ahead! Confirming your guest list ahead of time is of the easiest ways to get a head start on Christmas menu planning. If you’re posting invitations, or sending them via social media or email, then be sure to include a dietary requirements section. This will allow to you prepare the right food for your guests, regardless of whether they are unable to eat pork or are gluten intolerant. Giving people the option to say what they can and can’t eat ahead of time is also an easy way of avoiding an awkward situation on the day. Many people won’t want to be rude and decline the food that has been cooked for them, so they’ll end up pushing it around their plates, or worse – try and eat something they shouldn’t! Eat, Drink and Be Merry Thanks to the low-mess and low-fuss style of cooking that comes with frozen ready meals, you can quickly and easily prepare a different meal for each of your guests. With delivery right to your door, you can have an entire Christmas dinner delivered and packed at a fraction of the cost of the fridge space and preparation time! Have a look at our variety of Christmas meals below: Diabetic Ready Meals and Deserts Vegetarian Ready Meals Low Salt Ready Meals and Desserts With only a few weeks before Christmas, there’s still time to get your invitations out and put your order of frozen ready meals in to Oakhouse foods. We can deliver frozen food direct to your door with our meals on wheels service. Dodge the festive crowds at the supermarkets this year and make the most of our free delivery service when you spend over £30.