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  1. Train Your Brain to Prefer Healthy Food!

    We’ve all been in a position where the lure of fast food and sugary, salty snacks has been too strong to ignore. That could soon be a thing of a past, if a new study from the USA is to be believed. Would you rather eat a juicy burger or a stick of celery as a treat? For most of us there’s no question! Most of us know that low-fat, low-salt and freshly cooked food is better for us, but we’ve all made bad food choices at one time or another. Scientists at Tufts University have recently published their findings into what makes us crave unhealthy food, and they appear to have discovered the secrets of over-indulgence!
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  2. Planning a healthy diabetic diet has just got a lot easier

    Do people with diabetes need a special diet? Not according to the Food Standards Agency. New guidance is revealing that following a healthy diet is now enough to help combat the effects of diabetes. Essentially this means that all “suitable for diabetics” labelling and diabetic meal plans will be replaced with the same diet advice that applies to everyone, whether they have diabetes or not. Leading diabetes organisations say that having a balanced diet is the healthiest approach to managing the disease, and you should aim to eat a variety of food from the following groups:
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