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  1. Meat Free Monday and beyond...

    If you've thought about trying a diet with less meat there are plenty of benefits to going vegetarian or even just cutting out meat one day a week. Meat Free Mondays are a great way to incorporate vegetarian meals into your diet and make a difference to your health and to the environment. Health benefits There are many health benefits to eating less meat including having a lower risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol and eat less saturated fat than those who eat meat every day and following a more plant based diet often makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Because of these health benefits, vegetarians and vegans also live longer on average than those who eat meat every day. Watching the pennies Eating veggie can be kinder to your pockets with lentils, pulses, fruit and veg often cheaper than buying meat. And there are plenty of tasty meat substitute products available these days, making it easier than ever to enjoy meat-free versions of your favourite meals.
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  2. Eating for a Healthy Heart

    The best way to keep your heart healthy is through your diet and we have explained some of the easiest changes you can make. Heart-healthy lifestyle habits will also benefit your general wellbeing whilst reducing your risks of heart disease and lowering your cholesterol levels. Fruit and vegetables should make up a third of our diets so you should be having at least 5 portions a day. This can be hard so why not try adding frozen vegetables to dishes? We have some great choices like Broccoli and our Baby Carrots. Always aim for a colourful plate; variety is the spice of life and with a larger variety means more of the good things like fibre, vitamins and minerals. Eating more fibre will also help lower your risk of heart disease, aiming for 30 grams a day from a variety of sources like Wholemeal Bread, Oats, Wholegrain Cereals, Potatoes with their skins and of course fruit and vegetables. Cutting down on your saturated fat is always a great way to lower your cholesterol levels - using leaner cuts of meat and lower fat dairy varieties will help so try using skimmed rather than whole milk.
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  3. Keep Warm, Keep Well

    Winter is here, the nights are drawing in and the heaters are on! Although it is comforting to settle down in front of the TV with a blanket and a cup of warming cocoa it is still important to keep fit and well in the winter months. Eating healthy will keep you alert, energised and help protect
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  4. Discover World Vegan Month and Easy Vegan Meals at Oakhouse Foods

    Veganism is a much misunderstood lifestyle. Often seen as just a more extreme version of vegetarianism, there are a lot of misconceptions about choosing to live a life free of animal products. Read on to learn more about World Vegan Month and the delicious vegan ready meals Oakhouse Foods has to offer. World Vegan Month runs throughout November and celebrates the founding of the world’s first vegan movement, which began back in 1944. The word vegan was picked by the founder, Donald Watson, which, unsurprisingly, took inspiration from the word Vegetarian.
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  5. Easy guide to keeping a healthy heart

    Confused about all the ways you can keep your heart healthy? We’ve got the perfect guide! We constantly hear that it’s important to look after your heart but the advice is numerous and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Check our handy guide for a breakdown of how you can easily maintain a healthy heart.
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  6. Eat Right this Winter and Beat the Common Cold

    As the nights draw in and we begin to feel a cold snap in the evenings, it’s clear that autumn is on the way, and along with it the start of cold and flu season. Did you know that the food choices you make now could help you fight off the coughs and sniffles later on in the year? Now is the time to start boosting your immune system for winter. Eating certain, vitamin and mineral rich foods is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a fighting chance against the inevitable germs that come your way in the autumn in winter.
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