Our drivers are always there when you need them. Whether that’s to pop in for a chat. To unpack your shopping and arrange groceries in your cupboards. Or to simply deliver delicious frozen meals straight to your door. And as you can imagine, all of this is hungry work. Our drivers love trying our meals just as much as they love delivering them to you. After all – they want to make sure what you’re getting is as tasty as it should be! Anyone who’s ordered from Oakhouse knows how valuable our drivers are. They’re the heart and soul of the company, and consistently go above and beyond to ensure each customer is happy. And their passion for great service is only rivalled by their love of great food. So, here’s what our dedicated drivers the length and breadth of the UK have to say about their top Oakhouse dishes. We’d love to know if you recognise any friendly faces pictured here, or even share your favourite meals with us...   Duncan from Cambridgeshire: “The chicken tandoori masala tastes exactly like a good Indian takeaway should!” Simon from East Anglia: “The fruity chicken curry is deliciously mild and tangy – a definite favourite of mine!” Janet from East Anglia: “The fish pie is my go-to. It’s a great-sized portion packed with lots of fish and topped with yummy cheese”. Oliver from East Anglia: “The mini all-day breakfast is the perfect way to start the day.” Anthony from East Midlands: “My favourite is the beef and wild mushroom lasagne – it’s so rich and tasty.” Alan from the East Midlands: “Mamma mia! The Italian meatballs in tomato sauce is such a tasty dish.” Rob from Essex: “After a day on the road delivering meals, I love a scoop (or three) of the clotted cream vanilla ice cream. So refreshing.” Martin from Essex: “The roast pork dinner is the best – I always recommend it to my customers.” Darren from the North East: “The roast lamb dinner makes the perfect Sunday lunch treat.” Claire from Cambridgeshire: "Hearty comfort meal full of flavour, the Beef Stroganoff" Andy from Central Scotland: “The lemon cheesecake is creamy, rich and very naughty. But a really nice treat.”

Cochran from Central Scotland: “The sweet and sour chicken is delicious. Such a tasty meal.”

Gary from North Wales: “The chicken curry and rice is my favourite – it’s fragrant and full of flavour, and is wonderfully comforting.” Richard from South Midlands: “I love the chicken with onion-topped mash. It’s such a flavoursome meal and the chicken is always so juicy.” Chris from the South Midlands: “The mini chicken, pea and parmesan pasta makes the perfect lunchtime dish.” Andrew from the South West: “My partner and I love the Shanghai beef – it’s a regular Friday night treat for us.” Paul from the North East: “The beer battered cod and chips is delicious – it’s like having the chippy in your freezer!”   Still don’t have a favourite dish? Why not try one of our drivers’ suggestions? Or, you can browse our range of ready meals and see what takes your fancy.