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  1. Microwave myths and frozen food falsehoods: Ready meals explained

    Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of the latest healthy eating trends. Microwave meals and frozen food are two topics that get raised time and time again, often with a lot of incorrect information. We’ve pulled together the six most common statements we hear about microwave and frozen food and the truth behind them. 1. Frozen Food is Less Healthy Than Fresh or Tinned Food. True or False? False: Freezing is a modern and safe way of preserving, keeping the flavour and the freshness of vegetables whilst retaining nutrients. Freezing is a natural preservation process that doesn’t need chemicals. Some scientific studies have shown that frozen food can contain more nutrients than the food you buy fresh. This is because fresh vegetables might have been harvested days before arriving in the supermarket and then stood for a few more days on the shelf before being purchased and then sat in a fridge at home before being cooked.
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