1. Eat allergy aware - easy meal planning with Oakhouse Foods

    Having a food allergy can make it stressful to find safe, tasty meals – particularly if it’s difficult for you to prepare food from scratch. This Allergy Awareness Week, Oakhouse Foods makes it simple to enjoy delicious ready meals that suit your diet. Many people who have allergies choose to prepare their food themselves, so they can be absolutely sure they don’t contain allergens. But for older people living at home, cooking meals each day can become a challenge.
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  2. Eat well, age well - getting all the right nutrients

    From loss of appetite to limited mobility, old age can bring physical challenges that make it difficult to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Here we look at essential nutrients that can help combat age-related illnesses, and guidance about including them in day-to-day meals. A vital part of nutritional management for older people is including the right vitamins and minerals in their diet. These are found in a whole range of ingredients, from meat and fish to fruit, green vegetables and cereals.
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