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  1. What Chinese Zodiac Animal Are YOU?

    Some of you may or may not know that in the Chinese calendar if you are born in a certain year you are believed to have the characteristics of the animal in that year - similar to the star sign horoscopes. Find out your animal...
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  2. Keep warm, keep well.

    With Christmas becoming a distant memory, the fridge is less and less full of leftovers you may feel that the worst of winter is over and spring is on it's way. Whilst that indeed may be the case, January to March can be some of the coldest months Britain endures, looking back at our track history of The Beast from the East, things aren't looking too promising. Keeping warm and well fed in winter is incredibly important; the cold makes us tired and lethargic, less energised to get up and move about, let alone work away in the kitchen. This leads to malnourishment and other cold related ailments; a saddening number of people died due to avoidable causes
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  3. Better mealtimes for you and your loved one

    It’s Carers Week, and we’re sharing our top tips for making sure you and the person you care for enjoy a balanced diet. Being a carer for a loved one comes with a whole host of challenges – particularly when it comes to mealtimes. Whether because of illness, disability or becoming less active, many people can find it difficult to eat or find that their dietary needs or appetite have changed. Here a few ways to make mealtimes easier, and help the person you care for get the nutrients they need:
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