The perfect dessert for March - the great British Apple Crumble. A time when the weather shows signs of warming up, yet there is still a deceptive chill in the air, nothing beats a warm Apple Crumble straight from the oven or microwave with lashings of custard or cream on top.

A dessert mostly prepared with stewed apples, topped with an oatie crumble, for many, it’s a delicious, sweet treat that reminds us of the past and a ‘must have’ staple dessert after every Sunday lunch with family and friends. 

But where does this delicious classic come from?

Apple Crumble is known to have originated in Britain during the World War II food rationing. Recipes for the dish were invented to replace the more extravagant apple pie recipes. However, it was not until 1924 that the apple crumble became an official recipe when it made it’s first debut into printed recipe books.[1]

Over the years, the apple crumble has gained in popularity and today, a number of variations of the classic recipe are enjoyed across the UK and beyond. Variations include; Apple Crumble with or without Custard, Apple and Raspberry Crumble, Blackberry and Apple Crumble, the list goes on….

Whether it’s for warmth throughout the colder months, comfort, or a delicious dish to satisfy your sweet tooth, Apple crumble is a classic favourite that never fails to mark the perfect end to a lovely meal. At Oakhouse Foods we offer a number of delicious variations of the infamous Apple Crumble dish, including our new Apple and Pear Crumble arriving just in time for Easter, along with our Apple, Raspberry and Cranberry Crumble, which has been a great hit with our regular customers since launching in January.

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