fm101-cottpie-webThis is a large, mainly unspoken about topic; it is estimated that it affects 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 in the UK.

Malnutrition defines both under and over eating, however the majority of cases in older generations is the former. This is commonly due to being too tired, not being able to go and get shopping, or having no interested in food in general. Over 90% of these people are living in their own homes and are ignoring the signs or go by simply unrecognised and are quietly ushered into the 'I'm just getting old' category which should not be the case. If anything, food and calorie/nutrient consumption becomes even more important as you need to keep your body fully fueled and functioning! Cooking can become a chore as you grow older - especially if you're just cooking for yourself. As you cook less, you eat less, you have less energy in turn wanting to cook even less and it becomes a slippery slope into a rut that becomes increasingly more difficult to climb back out of. Eating less, can make you feel tired, lethargic, cold and it can weaken your immune system making you more susceptible to the common cold and flu. pureed_d134At Oakhouse we want to make your life as easy as possible, our meals are easy to prepare - from frozen to your plate in under 10 minutes, without any of the preparation. We have a huge range of 400+ meals for you to choose from, there is always something different to try and we're confident that you will find many meals to love. In this range of meals there are Mini Meals which are perfect for a smaller appetite, but still substantial and satisfying. In addition we also have a Fork Mashable range and a Pureed range to suit different range of diets and digestions. People that have difficulty swallowing and eating are often undernourished because they can't find anything that they can swallow that is also nutritious; here we bridge that gap.