5ec25916-610c-4d90-ae68-243d8daaeba0The Greater Manchester branch of Oakhouse Foods is backing Manchester’s ‘HITS Radio’ plea to fill up Manchester’s food banks. One in three children in Manchester lives in poverty, that’s 75,000 school children who don’t have enough food to eat. During the summer holidays, the food banks are under enormous pressure due to the number of children that lose the all important daily school meal. Matthew Brennand, Branch Manager of Oakhouse Greater Manchester, loaded up his delivery vans and headed down to the radio station to donate £250 of goods, which was greatly appreciated by the team at HITS Radio. This initiative by HITS Radio aims to help provide local food banks with a steady and manageable supply of both food and non-food items all year round. Matthew BreVan_Hits-radionnand said: “It really touched my heart and it’s a cause that Oakhouse Foods feels is important to support in any way we can. We will be looking to continue donating having seen how much difference can be made if everybody can give a little.”