Afternoon tea among landscaped gardens. A game of boules in the sunshine. A punnet of those extra-special summer strawberries. There are plenty of exciting things to spend your money on this summer... And your day-to-day meals don’t need to be one of them. With our Summer Savers, you won’t have to compromise great value for great quality. Making it easy to eat well, while saving for the sweeter things in life. The summer months are often a busy time. School holidays can mean enjoying more of the day getting out and about with the kids and grandkids. Oakhouse delivers frozen dishes right to your door, making preparing meals and desserts one less thing to think about this season. Once you’ve stocked up on a week’s worth of main meals from the £24 Summer Savers, here’s how you could spend your new-found free time and money: 1. Try Gardening With longer days and cooler nights, summer is the perfect time for growing your own produce. But it needn’t be a laborious job that requires lots of digging in the dirt. Many veggies can be kept in pots – including lettuce that takes just three to four weeks to grow. At the beginning of the summer, why not plant some peas, too? After two to three months, they’ll be ripe for the picking. Coronation Chicken 2. Why not go for a picnic? There are few better settings for a picnic than your local leafy park. But the back garden or the beach can be just as scenic. Stock up on tasty savoury sandwich fillers like Coronation chicken or cheese and mayo. Or keep it sweet with jam, marmalade or Nutella. Pack crisps, cakes and biscuits for a spot of afternoon snacking. Or for a healthier option, opt for a sunny fruit salad or creamy yoghurt. 3. Get into Fishing Even if you don’t catch anything, fishing is a great way to unwind and get immersed in nature. Make sure you’re stocked up with a bottle of fresh water to drink (especially in the summer), and foods that will stay fresher for longer. Pack your bag with nuts and other staple cupboard treats to keep you going. If you have a cool box or bag, whip up some tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise sandwiches to inspire you as you wait for your next catch! 4. Attend an outdoor event Summer doesn’t have to be all about nature – many communities host outdoor events and activities to get involved with, from theatre productions to fêtes. No two villages, towns or cities are the same, so it’s best you pop along to community groups – either in person, or online. Facebook and local magazines and newspapers can be a great way to join these groups and stay in the loop with other people living near you. Black Forest Gateau 5. Throw a tea party A tea party is a great way to get family and friends together without the hassle of cooking. Delicate finger sandwiches, slices of fruity gateaux and scones served with fresh clotted cream and jam – all simple to make and simply delicious. Plus, a tea party is an excuse to break out those cups and saucers you’ve been saving for a special occasion. To see our selection of tempting Summer Savers meals and desserts, click here. Or to simply browse the meals, go here. If you see something that takes your fancy, stock up and start enjoying the season.