During winter it is often more difficult to get out and about due to poor weather – it’s colder and can often bring ice, snow and even floods. A hot meal and a hot drink helps to keep you warm especially over the colder months. Age UK recommends you have at least one hot meal each day. At Oakhouse Foods, we provide a full range of meals and groceries that can be delivered straight to your door by our friendly delivery drivers, making this difficult time of year easier and saving you time.

Our Range

Game Pie You could try one of our hearty winter specials. for dinner to help keep you warm over winter. Our Game Pie. proved really popular, which is no surprise as we use venison, pheasant, pigeon, partridge and rabbit, all in a red wine sauce and topped with short crust pasty. Delicious. There’s also our Luxury Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings to tantalise your taste buds. Or our delicious Pork with a Port and Plum Sauce. Red Velvet Melt in The Middle Or for something a little different, there’s our Turkey Curry which has been a sell-out recently. Then there’s our mouth-watering desserts such as the hot Red Velvet With Melt In The Middle? Or the oh-so-tempting Rum Truffle

In Summary….

It’s important to eat enough and regularly, especially in winter, to stay in good health. We’re here to make that as easy as possible for you.