As the weather gets warmer, we take a look at some refreshing, flavour-packed smoothies to help you keep cool.  Healthy smoothies for summer If you find getting your 5 a day can sometimes be a chore, try drinking, rather than eating them. Digging out the blender and making a juice or smoothie is a simple, tasty way to pack loads of fruit (and even vegetables) into your daily diet. And because smoothies are thicker than other liquids, they’re also a great refreshment option for people with difficulties swallowing. Take a look at our top blends to try this summer. Some are natural ways to give your health a boost or recover from minor ailments, whereas others are simply indulgent treats to enjoy. 1. Grape, blackcurrant and apple with plain yoghurt This delicious smoothie is packed full of vitamins E and C, which help our cells fight age-related wear and tear. 2. Pineapple and plain yoghurt If you’re recovering from a stomach bug, this tangy blend can help you on your way by restoring the good bacteria in your gut. 3. Cranberry and watermelon This bright pink juice is wonderfully refreshing on a warm day. And it has the added benefit of helping with the symptoms of urinary tract infections.  4. Leek, apple and ginger This punchy, zingy mix may sound a little strange, but ginger and leek have anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease joint pain. 5. Strawberry, banana and vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt Strawberry puts a fruity twist on this sweet smoothie. To make it extra tempting, you could swap vanilla for our Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream. Smoothies and dysphagia With their thick, smooth texture and healthy ingredients, smoothies can help make sure you don’t miss out on essential nutrients if you have difficulty swallowing. If you follow a controlled diet and want to make any of the smoothies listed above, you’ll need to make sure all the ingredients have blended into a consistently smooth texture. You may also need to add some thickener to the juices, to make sure they’re right for your diet. Delicious pureed dishes for easier mealtimes These tasty smoothies can either be enjoyed on their own as a refreshing snack, or to accompany a puréed meal. And if you’re looking for some easy meals you can enjoy, our home delivered meals service includes a wide choice of puréed ready meals suitable for a Category C diet. Our range of puréed dishes includes summer favourites such as Salmon in Dill & Cream Sauce along with classic favourites such as Macaroni Cheese and Lamb with Mint. There’s also a selection of mini puréed meals for those with smaller appetites, and a choice of tempting desserts. If you have any questions about our puréed dishes or our home meals service, simply get in touch or call us on 0845 643 2009. We’re here to help.