Here at Oakhouse Foods, we’re dedicated to doing what we can to protect the planet. That is why we have committed to three key initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment:

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we have made some changes to our meal sleeves. The first comes in the form of a new design:

Not only that: with help from the World Land Trust, we have begun offsetting the carbon footprint of our sleeves, through their ‘Carbon Balanced’ programme.

And that’s not the only good news! Though plastic food trays have long been difficult to recycle due to the exacting standards needed to ensure food safety, we are thrilled to announce that our plastic trays are now fully recyclable due to new developments in recycling technology.

1: Subject to local recycling infrastructure. Please check with your local office first.

So now you can enjoy your mealtimes with Oakhouse, knowing that we are more eco-friendly than ever.

Last, but by no means least: we’ve also changed the way we deliver. We are now using cardboard boxes and reusable bags to deliver your meals, rather than single-use carrier bags.

This small change has greatly reduced the amount of plastic that we use. By moving away from single-use carrier bags, we are saving the weight equivalent of 2 elephants in plastic waste every year! It is our hope that by making changes like these, we can reduce our environmental impact, and help preserve life in full flavour, the world over, for many years to come.

Hurry, they're going fast!