Delectable meals to make every day special

From lip-smacking new products and retro desserts, we’ve gone out of our way to create fabulous food that will really make your day.

A range of premium meals providing restaurant-quality mains at home. Designed by chefs, each of these meals will make any night in a special occasion.

New & Delicious

Delectable new meals and desserts to tantalise every tastebud. Which will be your new favourite?

Meet chef Ashish who lovingly develops many of our delicious curries. Our knowledge of spice is unparalleled. We blend our own spice mixes and will temper & layer the spices through the cooking process to bring out the best of them.

We've gone back to school with this selection of retro sweet treats. From Banoffee Pie to Rice Pudding. There's a reason we call them classics.