What is the Repeat Order Service?


The Repeat Order Service allows you to sign up to a regular order of delicious food delivered directly to your door.


It’s completely free and optional and can be set up, paused or cancelled at any time.


You can change the meals to suit your needs.


You can also make a previous order a repeat order via the account page.


Alternatively, you can create a new order and sign-up to repeat ordering in the checkout area. 


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Why use the Repeat Order Service?


Guarantees you an automatic delivery slot to suit your needs.


Your order renews automatically so you save time by not having to repeatedly order. 

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing food is being delivered to you or your loved one regularly. 


You can create, edit, pause or cancel your repeat order at any time. 

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How does it work? 

You can set up a repeat order at any time.  This can be done in the checkout with orders over £15. 


Once your repeat order is set up, your order will be delivered at the selected delivery frequency.


This will be then delivered automatically. So you don't have to worry about ordering again in the future.  


Fequently Asked Questions:


We have compiled a straightforward list of the most asked questions. 


Select the option below to find out more information:


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Ready to get started? 

You can get started by clicking below, adding the meals you want to the basket

and then signing up on the payment page in the checkout.

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Need some inspiration?

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