High quality and delicious frozen ready meals delivered to your door

Our convenient meal delivery service means you can spend less time planning and cooking meals and doing more of the things you love. Delicious meals, excellent service.

Over 300 meals & Desserts

Local friendly delivery drivers

Why choose Oakhouse Foods

No other company in the UK can offer you the variety that we can.

Wide range of meals

Whether you want healthy ready meals to help your diet, or you simply want to enjoy a delicious meal without the hard work, we can help.

Local, friendly delivery

Our local food delivery service has made it easier than ever to get access to the food you love. We offer convenient weekly deliveries across the UK.

The best ingredients

Our unique range of food is developed by trained chefs and prepared using the best ingredients available.

It couldn’t be easier to order from our range of frozen ready meals for home delivery. Our full range is available online and our website makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you want and order your food.

We’ve sold over 40 million meals

And the reviews are pouring in...

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