Diet Meals Delivered

Low Calorie & Low Fat meals and desserts

Oakhouse Foods are proud to deliver great-tasting food, so whether you choose our calorie-control meals or not, you can expect a delicious, wholesome and satisfying meal.

Unlike some other providers where you have to add rice, pasta, etc to make your meal, our diet dishes are all complete meals and you don’t need to add anything to them. Simply store them in the freezer, and then heat them in your oven or microwave straight from the freezer when you are ready to eat - a delicious meal in minutes.

And as you’ll see from our range of dishes, your choice is one of the best in the UK. You have over 100 low calorie main and mini meals to choose from. All of our low calorie meals have less than 400 calories and our low calorie desserts have less than 200 calories  Our low fat range of meals and desserts contain 3% fat or less per serving. Wholesome, healthy dishes and fantastic flavours.

Our Low Calorie and Low Fat ranges also offers a wide choice of smaller portion meals (we call them Mini-Meals) which, at 200g-400g, offer an ideal portion-controlled meal or a really great light lunch. All our low calorie meals and desserts are listed in our brochure and online.

You can use the product filtering checkboxes on the left side of the category page to make additional selections as required. In the Dietary & Lifestyle menu, you'll find filters for low salt, gluten free, vegetarian and many more.