Storing our dishes

Ready meals, frozen for taste and goodness

Quick frozen to lock in all the flavour and goodness, our ready meals are carefully delivered to your door by our very own Oakhouse Foods driver, as part of our caring service.

To keep your meals fresh and delicious until you’re ready to enjoy them, make sure you put them straight in the freezer and always eat them by the Best Before date. If you would like help putting your meals away in the freezer, your your regular Oakhouse Foods driver will be happy to do this for you.

The length of time your dishes can be frozen depends on your freezer’s rating – we’ve explained this in a bit more detail below:

Storing Our Dishes

Most of our meals are designed to be cooked from frozen but there are a few which should be brought to room temperature before cooking for the best results. Please make sure you read the cooking instructions on each dish carefully. You’ll also find more information about cooking our ready meals here.