Cooking our dishes

As easy as pie, pasta, curry, roast...

Our dishes are designed to make it simple to enjoy a tasty, wholesome meal, without any fuss or too much clearing up! Each pack includes clear instructions to help you cook everything through properly for the best and tastiest result.

As most are already pre-cooked and then quick-frozen, all you have to do is pop them in the oven or microwave. Most of our meals can be cooked straight from frozen, but there are a few which should be thawed first – this will be marked on the packaging. Then they just need to be heated through until they’re piping hot.

Microwave or oven?

For the majority of dishes, which cooking method to use is entirely down to your individual preference. But some things, such as quiche that is not yet cooked, are better put in the oven – to ensure a crisp, golden pastry. If a meal should be cooked in the oven, it will say on the packaging and online product description.

We can also provide large print cooking instructions for the visually impaired, available to download.