A recent study shows that one fifth of consumers wrongly believe frozen fruits and vegetables to contain fewer nutrients than their fresh counterparts.[1] Another 1 in 12 people mistakenly think frozen food doesn’t last as long as fresh produce and another 1 in 10 people believe frozen food is more expensive.[2]


At Oakhouse Foods, we know that is not the case! Therefore, we have pulled together a list of frequently asked questions to highlight why certain perceptions towards frozen food are not necessarily the truth.  


Does frozen food contain less nutrients than fresh food?

Interestingly, many believe that frozen fruit and vegetables contain just as many nutrients as their fresh equivalents. However, by flash freezing fruit and vegetables naturally, preserves their delicious goodness and has no effect on vital fats, proteins and carbohydrates. While fresh produce loses vitamins over time in storage.[3]


Are frozen foods filled with preservatives?

Some people believe that frozen food is full of preservatives to ensure that it remains edible and lasts longer. However, it is ice that naturally increases the storage life of many of your favourite frozen meals.[4] Now you can rest assure that frozen food can form part of a balanced diet when you’re delving into the freezer for a delicious midweek meal.



Can all Oakhouse Foods meals be cooked from frozen?

All of our meals are made to be cooked straight from frozen, whether that’s in the oven or microwave.



How does frozen food help reduce food waste?

Our delicious meals save on waste, by providing a perfectly portioned meal for one. Whether you choose our Main meal option or Mini meal option, there is no risk of getting rid of excess food, as all of our meals are perfectly portioned for you.



If you have any further questions about our delicious frozen meals then we would be more than happy to help. Please call 0333 370 6700 and a lovely member from our Customer Care team will be available to assist.




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