Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar, with festivities lasting for 2 weeks.[1]

During this period, there are many cultural traditions carried out across the country which symbolise letting go of the past and welcoming new beginnings.

Food eaten during Chinese New Year carries great significance.[2] Not only is it the food itself which is important but also the way the dishes are prepared, and how they are served all determine how fortunate the year ahead will be.[3]

Lucky foods eaten in celebration of the Chinese New Year:

Spring Rolls – These savoury rolls filled with vegetables are eaten during the Chinese New Year to symbolise wealth and prosperity. The lucky saying for eating spring rolls is "Hwung-Jin Wan-Lyang", which translates to mean "a ton of gold".

Dumplings – A mixture of minced meat and diced vegetables, wrapped in a thin dough, dumplings are eaten due to their resemblance to gold ingots, a currency used during the Ming dynasty in China.

Chicken Stir Fry

Noodles Noodles represent longevity and happiness and are usually made up to two feet long for the annual event.

Steamed Fish - Symbolising prosperity, this dish is usually eaten on New Year’s eve.

Rice Cakes – Rice Cakes are believed to bring you good luck and a prosperous New Year.

Rice Balls - Rice balls, or "Tang Yuan", is a Chinese dessert made by mixing glutinous rice flour with water to form small spheres. They represent togetherness and family.

Fruit - The orange is one of the most symbolic fruits of the Chinese New Year, signifying wealth and fullness due to the roundness of the fruit and its "golden" colour.[4]

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