Going the extra mile for our customers is something we all take pride in, here at Oakhouse Foods.


To recognise the hard work and dedication our drivers continually show each day, whilst delivering delicious meals to our customers across the UK, we have created the Extra Mile Award. Not only does the award recognise an exceptional level of service, but it also allows our drivers the opportunity to win a £100 voucher for a shop of their choice!


Every year, we are overwhelmed with such lovely words from our grateful customers and we'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has nominated their local driver over the past few weeks. And for those of you who have been waiting, the results are in….


The Extra Mile Award winner goes to….


The driver with the most nominations is…Richard from the Kent branch!


“Come rain or shine, he delivers my food to my door. Even after climbing up 54 steps, he still has a friendly smile on his face and I’d like to thank him very much.”


Some of you will be lucky enough to have Richard as your cheerful and friendly delivery driver. Richard has been working with for Oakhouse Foods for 7 years. He would love to share that his favourite meal is Sweet and Sour Chicken. His favourite thing about working for Oakhouse Foods is meeting all the customers. A big well done and thank you to Richard.


The overall branch winner goes to…


The branch with the most nominations in total is… Hampshire! Special mention to Mike and Dave for receiving the highest number of votes within the Hampshire branch. Thank you for all your hard work.


If your nominated driver is yet to be mentioned, there is always next year! Alternatively, here is a list of the drivers who topped the votes within each local team:


  • West Midlands – Clarry
  • East Midlands – Andrew
  • Essex – Paul
  • North East – Gary
  • Central Scotland – Andy Frost
  • South London – David
  • Wessex Andy
  • Greater Manchester – Keith and Martin (Joint winners)
  • South West – Colin
  • Dorset – Gail
  • South Wales – Charlie
  • North Midlands – Paul Fowler
  • North West – Tom
  • North Wales – Steve
  • Sussex – Haley
  • Pennines – Graham T
  • South Midlands – David
  • East Anglia – Bruce

No matter the winner, wherever you are, we will continue to deliver a cheerful, friendly delivery service of delicious meals right to your door. We’re here for you this winter.



For more information, please visit: www.oakhousefoods.co.uk