Meet Gary, one of our many friendly delivery drivers from the North East, who never fails to deliver a service without a smile. Having worked at Oakhouse Foods for over 2 years, we wanted to share his thoughts on why he enjoys working with us.

Why do you like working for Oakhouse Foods?

I enjoy working for Oakhouse Foods because I have always enjoyed meeting new people. I have struck up many friendships along the way.

What does a good day's work look like for you?

If I can make one person smile (which I do quite often) I will have had a good day at work.

What is your favourite memory of working at Oakhouse Foods?

Without doubt, my favourite memory while working for Oakhouse was when I received an ovation from two couples in a Newcastle street at the start of lockdown.

What is your favourite Oakhouse Foods meal?

I really enjoy all the roast dinners that we sell. Whether it's a luxury roast (beef, chicken, lamb, pork or vegetarian) or the simplified version (beef, chicken, lamb, pork or vegetarian), I find them all tasty and satisfying.

If you had any advice to share with your customers, what would it be?

  • Do not dither, we deliver
  • Don't delay, ring us today
  • You want the meals, we've got the wheels!

Thank you Gary! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to all our lovely customers.

If you would like to receive a delivery of delicious dishes from one of our friendly local drivers, then look no further than Oakhouse Foods – we’re here for you.