As a business, we have been developing rapidly over the last 18 months; this is a part of the journey that we wouldn't have been able to do without your help! Over the last 12 months we have been asking you, our lovely customers, to give us feedback and suggestions on our current website. Some of our customers even took part in optimization focus groups. We have taken all of your suggestions on board and done our very best to improve/eliminate those issues; the new website is the product of your input! OH_Website   So this blog is going to give you a basic walkthrough of our website; what has changed, little tips and tricks, how to get the most out of the site and to reassure you that it's the same old us, but with a more personalised and improved website. Without further ado...


  • Shopping categories
  • Dietary & Lifestyle requirement filter
  • Shopping bag pop up
  • More recommendations
  • Wishlist
  • Optimisation

Shopping Categories

For our most recent brochure we changed the way you could search for your meals, changing it from protein categories to cuisine categories. However, due to popular demand, search by protein is now back and optimized so that it's better than ever before! Simply hover your mouse cursor over the "Go shopping" button and this drop down menu will appear. start shopping hover They have been conveniently split up into subtitles so you can navigate to your meals faster. Listed underneath these subtitles are the protein choices for those meals. Untitled OR, you can CLICK the "Go shopping" button which will take you to this page for a more visual representation of what you're looking at. Simply click which block you would like to shop for. start shopping click

Dietary & Lifestyle Requirement Filter

Once you have selected a category you would like to browse, you will then be able to filter by dietary requirements on the left hand side of the screen. There is an expandable list of filters you can select to personalise the products you can see. See the example below: Dietary & Lifestyle Just below this list is a "Made Without" filter list which works in exactly the same way. This makes finding meals that suit your dietary requirements simple and easy, and reduces the need for you to scroll through lists of ingredients. Made without Top Tip: If you are logged into the website and select these filters, next time you visit this page it will remember your search preferences for you.

Shopping Bag Pop Up

When you have found the delicious dish that you would like to add to your basket, then type in the quantity you would like and click "add to basket"... Add to bag ...this window will pop up indicating that you have successfully added this product into your basket. Bag popup You can also scroll through your shopping bag in this window to make sure you have everything you need in there before you proceed checkout. Bag Scroll Then click off the shopping bag window/close the window to continue shopping or follow the link to go straight to checkout.

More Recommendations

A popular recurring theme that we received in your feedback was the need or wish for more 'similar or suggested' products. Dishes or products that suit your shopping trends! So now when you click into a product, if you scroll down slightly you will see a rotating carousel of products that we think you will love. Reccommended This will make finding new and old favourites easier and more convenient. Another exciting feature we have created is a highlight of the bestseller within that category. So when you click into a category the highlighted product will be displayed at the top for your convenience. HERO


A little change has been made to our wishlist, it is now known as "favourites". However the function/purpose remains the same and you can still store all of those dishes you want to try on your account - just make sure that you're logged in. Favourites LogIN

Optimisation For Tablet & Mobile

Our new website has been optimised for both mobile and tablet platforms. So if you have a tablet or smartphone, you can now browse and shop at your leisure rather than being tied to a personal computer. OH_Web_tablet_650x433