smart-shopping-cartThe way people are shopping is changing, and with that in mind we must strive to keep up with your expectations. Thanks to our wonderful customer feedback we have made some changes to our website! Don't worry though, we have been working hard to keep it as user friendly and efficient as possible. No longer will you struggle to find meals that you fancy thanks to our new and improved shopping categories.

Whats Different?

If you fancy Chinese, Indian, your favourite roasts or meat platters, it's now easier than ever. We have developed a system around cuisine type, instead of the 'protein' part of the meal. It became obvious that something should be changed when one wished to order an indian meal for example, but there was no category that displayed all of the Indian meals together, or if one wished to order a roast dinner but didn't know specifically which meat, it limited the choice that is actually available to you to pick from; therefore reacting to this feedback this has resulted in our re-structure that will launch on Friday morning.

How it all works:

Select Main Meals, Desserts, Mini Meals as you would normally, however the page it takes you to will look slightly different:


Capturea As you can see, the products have now been categorized under different titles based on their cuisine. This is to make our website more user friendly and makes more sense for you, our lovely customers.

Top Tips

If you are struggling to navigate your way around the new website, then please do not hesitate to call us on 01225 899820 or click the green chat icon in the bottom left of your screen! Our normal working hours are 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday. Also please don't forget that the 'Search Bar' in the top left corner of the website is perfect for finding that elusive dish. Untitled1   Simply type the product into the search bar, or the product code; this will give you a list of results; for example, typing 'Roast Beef' results in...Capture1 Please feel free to message us on Facebook if you need a helping hand in navigating around the website as we know new things can be frustrating! We are here to help! 1920x700_Cuisine